Congrats to Braden & Lauren!

Trav & I just wanted to say how much we love Braden & Lauren and how happy we are for them! They were married in the Las Vegas temple last Saturday and everything from the ceremony to the reception was beautiful; we were so happy to be a part of it all. Lauren is beyond perfect for Braden and, although I'm sad to give up my prime spot as the only Hancock daughter/sister-in-law, I'm happy to share the title ;) Love you guys!



Merry Christmas!

We have been having a lot of fun with our first Christmas season as the Hancocks! We've made snow angels, decorated our little Christmas tree, sought out some gifts for our loved ones, and had a Christmas party with the Fairalls and Mortensens! Our ward had a fun Christmas party, Holly sang in the choir for the church Christmas program, and we gave a fun lesson in Sunday School about Christmas (actually, it was about a different and slightly less jolly topic, but we tied in the true reason for our Christmas celebrations :).

We are so looking forward to being in Indiana and Ohio with our families next week!

Love you all & Merry Christmas!


Some Recent Highlights

Beginning with the most recent...this is what our kitchen looked like about an hour ago! I guess that's what I get for scrimping and buying cheap, shallow pie crusts! :) Thanks, Travis, for helping me clean it all up!

Dallas ran a half marathon yesterday! Travis and I met his fiance Lauren at the finish line to congratulate him.
Can you believe he ran 13 miles dressed as Bane?! Congrats, Dallas!

Conference weekend was a blast! We stayed with the Fairall's and had lots of time with our cute niece Lily. We played with the rest of the Creek side on Saturday, then went to Ogden to stay with our Hancock grandparents. I always love visiting them--it somehow always feels like Christmas there!

I was walking home from school the other day and ran into these fun kids playing hacky sack!
Cutest brothers in the world. We love our Braden!

Janae looked gorgeous and sang beautifully in Women's Chorus when we went to see her in
BYU's Homecoming Spectacular!

Janae also spent the night with us after our autumn party and we watched the homecoming parade together!

My latest project at work: Marketing & Promotions for the new Research & Writing Center in the HBLL! This is, by far, my favorite aspect of the job. I've been busy designing the logo and creating lots of posters and handouts and working with lots of neat people to make sure students know about the RWC. It's so fun--more to come!
I caught Travis during a break between interviews and meetings.
He's off to Chicago next week for an interview with Marriott hotels!

And we just happened to run into the other Hancocks!


A Little Bit of Autumn Love

The Becks
We had so much fun at our autumn party last Friday! We were so happy to have all of our friends over (a.k.a. Janae, Braden, a big group of Beck cousins, and the Grabau's) to celebrate our favorite season!

I made some yummy fall foods, and Travis came up with our activities: watching a classic football play, part of Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin, and drawing pictures of our favorite things about fall! Thanks to Melissa & Ethan for bringing some creative fall snacks!

We also played the bag game for a good couple hours! Jaime and I came close to beating Dallas, but he's just got too much finesse (noun courtesy of Travis). I think Braden won the 2-legged competition, but since he technically got out first, I think we should hand 1st place to Lauren. ;)  Also...I may or may not have face planted straight into the carpet...


Colby tried really hard, but I think Garrick's comic relief threw him off ;)

"I was feeling like a Pokemon trainer and wanted to 'catch 'em all', referring to the Becks. Just missing Kasey & Emily!" --Travis
"Dallas did not like Travis' plan." --Holly

All in all, it was a great little kick-off to fall and we had so much fun :)



5 Reasons Why We're So Happy

We're finally "stable," meaning we'll be living in one place for at least 4 months!
We finally met our adorable new niece, Caitlin & Isaac's baby Laila! We love her so much!
And we got to see this little toddler again who has grown so much! She is a GOOF!
We love being able to hang out with Braden & Janae so much!

We're close to our siblings again!
We're loving the Provo music scene.

And the art scene.

And all the fun stuff here in Provo!
5. We made this video in which I look pretty unintelligent.



Cutest Sleeper Ever?

So, sometimes Holly falls fast asleep with her legs sticking up in the air. My wife is too cute!



Holly Has Been Thinking...

That she really likes living in the country.  I mean, can you blame her??

The sky is blue,
The grass is green,
And the corn is tall.
Oh, and then there's Mac (short for Macintosh).  He's old and he gets scared when it rains.  And he loves good food--just like me.

Last week, a crop-duster flew RIGHT OVER OUR ROOF more than a few times.
We ate breakfast outside and just watched.

Travis & I have been blessed beyond measure since we've been together--especially this summer.
We've been close to our families and have gotten to visit and make fun memories.
We had a huge adventure living in Chicago.
We've met lots of people, widened some perspectives, and focused others.
There have been loving family, friends, and strangers helping us at every turn.
We're a couple of incredibly blessed kids.

I mean, look at those clouds.  Pixar couldn't have made any more perfect--those are a reminder from a sweet Father in Heaven that He is here, He loves His children, and hopes we all progress and find true, eternal happiness! Don't forget that :)

Love you all!